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2014 Engineer Hiring Trends [Infographic]

June 17, 2014

Engineers have a reputation for being difficult to find – and even more difficult to recruit and ultimately hire. Numerous articles have pointed out what our gut has long told us – there are more available jobs for engineers than experienced engineers to fill them. Now, more than ever, human resource professionals need to understand what engineers want and where they’re looking to effectively win the engineering talent war. commissioned a survey of 1816 engineers and 166 human resource professionals to explore the gap between how engineers search for jobs and how employers, particularly recruiters and human resource professionals, search for engineers.

What we discovered may surprise you.

  • 75% of our surveyed human resource professionals first look to LinkedIn to source engineers… but surveyed engineers look first at specific company websites, followed by niche job boards, and then their peer network.
  • Only 15% of human resource professionals were “very confident” in their organization’s ability to find and hire the engineers they’ll need during 2014.
  • 74% of surveyed human resource professionals stated that engineers are the most challenging position to fill.
  • 69% of human resource professionals rank compensation “Very Important” as the determinant of whether an engineer accepts a job offer. Engineers, on the other hand, prioritized Work/Life Balance as their “Very Important” priority when choosing an employer.

You can view the full 2014 Engineer Hiring Trends report here (.pdf).

2014 Engineer Hiring Trends