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Where are the Engineering Job Seekers?

September 10, 2014

On a quarterly basis we identify where the jobs are for our engineers, breaking down job demand by volume and filtering by location and discipline.

But where, exactly, is the engineering talent looking for new jobs located?

Knowing which geographies are exporting engineering talent, or at the very least which have a large population of candidates open to new opportunities, can give you a competitive advantage and help improve your recruiting budget ROI.

So we broke it down – these are the states, provinces, metropolitan areas, and cities with the most engineers looking for a new job in 2014 YTD (year to date):

Engineering Job Seekers – United States

Top 10 States

Engineering Job Seekers by State

  1. California (12.27%)
  2. Texas (8.17%)
  3. New York (5.78%)
  4. Florida (5.11%)
  5. Pennsylvania (4.73%)
  6. Illinois (3.94%)
  7. Massachusetts (3.22%)
  8. Ohio (3.21%)
  9. Virginia (3.20%)
  10. Colorado (2.85%)

California leads the country categorically – they have more engineers looking for work and more available engineering jobs than any other state (as of this writing, about 17.3% of all engineering jobs advertised in the US are in California).

But when we start isolating the metro areas and, later – cities, a very different picture emerges.

Top 10 Metro Areas

Engineering Job Seekers by Metro Area

  1. New York, NY (5.75%)
  2. Los Angeles, CA (5.33%)
  3. San Francisco – Oakland – San Jose, CA (3.13%)
  4. Chicago, IL (3.12%)
  5. Boston, MA (3.02%)
  6. Washington, DC (2.56%)
  7. Houston, TX (2.23%)
  8. Philadelphia, PA (2.12%)
  9. Dallas – Ft. Worth, TX (2.11%)
  10. Atlanta, GA (1.96%)

New York City’s metro area, while physically dwarfed by the square mileage of #2 Los Angeles, is the most populous area of the country. It is also the most expensive and, not surprisingly, this metro area has more engineers and engineering technicians exploring new job opportunities than any other.

Top 10 Cities

Engineering Job Seekers by City

  1. New York, NY (2.57%)
  2. Houston, TX (1.65%)
  3. Los Angeles, CA (1.55%)
  4. Chicago, IL (1.28%)
  5. San Diego, CA (1.02%)
  6. Seattle, WA (0.81%)
  7. Atlanta, GA (0.77%)
  8. Denver, CO (0.73%)
  9. Austin, TX (0.69%)
  10. Boston, MA (0.68%)

Houston skyrockets from the #7 position by metropolitan area to the #2 position by city. Which means a large percentage of engineering talent looking for work in the Houston metro area is physically located in the city itself. And Atlanta, who by metro area only just inched into the top 10, was the #7 city in our list of “Where the Engineers Are.”

Conversely, the Philadelphia metro area is the 8th largest metropolitan concentration of engineering talent looking for work – but the city itself doesn’t make the top 10.  This tells us the strongest interest for new engineering jobs is probably coming from the suburbs outside Philadelphia, not the city.

We see a related phenomena for the Bay Area of California – San Francisco, San Jose and Oakland don’t make the top 10 as independent cities – but taken as a whole they represent the third largest metropolitan concentration of engineering talent looking for jobs.

And in this granular city view Seattle appears for the first time. Though they don’t make the top 10 list by state or metropolitan area, the city itself comes in as the sixth largest concentration of engineers looking for jobs in the US. Which means somewhere downtown there’s a large pool of engineering talent exploring their career options.

Engineering Job Seekers – Canada

Canadian Provinces, Ranked by Volume of Engineering Job Seeker Traffic

Canadian Engineering Jobs by Province

  1. Ontario (44.99%)
  2. Alberta (16.66%)
  3. British Columbia (13.05%)
  4. Quebec (10.70%)
  5. Manitoba (3.45%)
  6. Saskatchewan (3.23%)
  7. Nova Scotia (3.19%)
  8. Newfoundland and Labrador (2.68%)
  9. New Brunswick (1.72%)
  10. Prince Edward Island (0.23%)

Nearly 45% of all engineering talent looking for work in Canada this year has come from Ontario. For perspective, this is more than the top 7 US state concentration percentages combined.

Not surprisingly, Ontario also represents the greatest number of engineering jobs available in any Canadian province. But if you are hiring for a vacancy anywhere else in Canada – it’s important to stress relocation packages (if you have them) and ensure that your job ads are seen nationwide. (Unless you’re okay with leaving out 45% of the engineering talent pool looking for work).

Top 10 Cities

Canadian Engineering Jobs by City

  1. Toronto, ON (13.73%)
  2. Calgary, AB (9.49%)
  3. Montreal, QC (7.30%)
  4. Ottawa, ON (5.27%)
  5. Edmonton, AB (5.09%)
  6. Vancouver, BC (4.37%)
  7. Winnipeg, MB (3.15%)
  8. Mississauga, ON (2.94%)
  9. St. John’s, NL (1.94%)
  10. London, ON (1.91%)

The density of job seeker traffic coming from Calgary jumps out at us immediately. Where 45% of all engineering job seeker traffic in Canada came from Ontario – Calgary is second only to Toronto in terms of engineers searching for new jobs.

At the time of writing there were 19,837 engineering and engineering technician jobs available in Canada – and of these Toronto accounted for 5,904, or nearly 30%. Though Ontario is dominant in terms of engineers looking for work and 30% of all Canadian engineering jobs posted are in Toronto – there are still more jobs available than there are engineers.  Which may explain why Canada has been accused of “poaching high tech workers from the US” – out of necessity.

[Measurements conducted compare location of visitors to jobs on from January 1, 2014 through September 9, 2014.]


Photo Credit: *Pasha*