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Most Popular Engineering Jobs: June 2014

July 23, 2014

Studying the success of others can be an important tool to your own progress. So we dug through our analytics and rounded up the 10 Most Popular Engineering Jobs in June of 2014 (measured by raw pageviews) to look for patterns.

In order, the positions were:

  1. Engineer 1 at Brown & Caldwell in Taunton, MA
  2. Engineer 1 at Brown & Caldwell in Walnut Creek, CA
  3. Engineer 1 at Brown & Caldwell in Phoenix, AZ
  4. Systems Engineer 1/2 at Boeing in Huntington Beach, CA
  5. Experienced Biomedical Engineer at Mighty Oak Medical in Englewood, CO
  6. Engineer 1 at Brown & Caldwell in St. Paul, MN
  7. Entry-Level Applications Engineer at Makino in Mason, OH
  8. Audio Electronics / Maintenance Technician at Westlake Recording Studios in West Hollywood, CA
  9. Mechanical Engineer (Research Engineer I/II) at Georgia Tech Research Institute/ GTRI in Smyrna, GA
  10. Engineer 1 at Brown & Caldwell in Virginia Beach, VA

What lessons can we take from the popularity of these jobs that can help you better position your company for success in the future?

Entry Level Jobs Are the Most Popular

Of the top 10 most popular engineering jobs in June 2014, 8 were entry-level engineering positions. Since 100% of the “entry-level job” market is looking for a job by default, these job postings will almost always receive the most views.

How You Can Use This Information

If entry-level employees constitute an evergreen hiring need at your company, keep those positions listed. Your company name is all but guaranteed to receive the highest volume of attention at this level of the talent marketplace.

Multiple Job Postings Won’t Make You Look Bad

One of the most common objections we hear from employers when we ask why they don’t post all their open engineering jobs is “we just don’t do that.” In particular, we’ve received feedback from recruiters that they’re worried it reflects poorly on a company to have too many jobs open and listed at once.

How You Can Use This Information

Brown & Caldwell’s example last month is a good indication that having multiple positions available doesn’t effect job seeker interest at all. It may even have had the opposite effect – demonstrating that they are a vibrant, growing company with many opportunities available nationwide.

There isn’t a Geographic Monopoly on Popular Engineering Jobs

We were surprised to see how geographically disparate our results were. As we know from over a year’s worth of quarterly reporting on Where the Engineering Jobs Are, there are large concentrations of engineering talent in specific regions (and municipalities) nationwide. But from the list of winners in June 2014 – there’s nothing to indicate that popular interest in any given job is dictated by geography.

How You Can Use This Information

Assume that the person viewing your job posting could be a qualified applicant located anywhere in the country. If your company is open to hiring engineering professionals from out-of-state (or country) or offers a relocation package, indicate this early and prominently in your job post.

“Cool” Jobs are Often the Most Popular; Use them to Communicate Your Employer Brand

The Westlake Recording Studios job is uncommon, interesting, and, well… cool. (If you weren’t aware, Westlake Recording Studios is where Michael Jackon’s Thriller album was recorded – among many others). We see this phenomenon frequently – “novel,” “cool,” or “high profile” employers (like Union PacificSpaceX or The Spaceship Company) receive a lot of interest and traffic to their jobs.

But we also notice this phenomenon for novel or interesting jobs. In the past year we’ve had engineering jobs posted for assignments in Antarctica, wind turbine fabricators, and rotary UAV aircraft engineers – all wildly popular, even among engineers who weren’t obviously qualified for these positions.

How You Can Use This Information

It’s short-sighted to assume the engineers that read your job posting are likely candidates for the job.  Novel or “cool” jobs are a great platform from which you can increase your employer brand among applicants who may not necessarily be qualified for this job – but might be excellent candidates for other positions in your company.

Be sure to include a paragraph in every job posting that succinctly and persuasively tells your employer brand story and sells why your company is a great place to work.

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