Winning Job Descriptions: 6 Notable Examples

March 26, 2015

We’ve crawled into the vault, pushing past the spider webs and old computer parts — steadily ignoring the weird hum coming from the corner — all so we could bring you some examples of job descriptions submitted to the site from the past year that really knocked our socks off.

Here are 6 winning engineering job descriptions – and why they wowed us:

InVue – Product Development Engineer, Mechanical Engineering

InVue Engineering Job Description-thumbnail

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If you weren’t familiar with the company before, you definitely would be after reading this solid job description.

InVue did a real bang-up job of providing the job seeker with a clear idea of what their company is all about. The bullet points — as opposed to a long paragraph — helps the posting feel informational and thoughtful, giving them the opportunity to tell their story without boring their audience.

Papa John’s – Operations Engineer

Operations Engineer at Papa Johns

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Better ingredients, better job descriptions?

Their “What’s on the Menu” and “Critical Ingredient” headers were just fun. This, along with their concise first paragraph that describes exactly what this Operations Engineer position involved had us going back for a second slice.

Data Collaborative – PHP/Database Developer

PHP Database Developer Job Description Thumbnail

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Data Collaborative did a beautiful job of conveying their company culture, expectations, and style. Their job description is conversational, relaxed, comfortable, all while managing to convey that their need for a smart, flexible developer that is willing to learn.

Harbortronics – Firmware Engineer

Firmware Engineer at Harbortronics Inc thumbnail

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Harbortronics had us “Mumbo-Jumbo”. Seriously!

This job description manages to be straightforward yet casual, and they’ve somehow avoided over-explaining the type of candidate they’re looking for, while giving a precise picture of the type of experience they need.

Spring Venture Group – Entry-Level Software Engineer

Engineer at Spring Venture Group

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Spring Venture Group has the right idea when it comes to hiring Software Engineers. They give the impression they know exactly how critical they are to their team, and if I’m looking for a new position, this paragraph, taken from their description, alone has me hooked:

“What if we allowed you to pick out or build the box you code on? What about flexible work hours? We’ll buy you a Mac or let you build a custom Linux system from scratch. As long as you’re able to use it effectively, we don’t care. We focus on results and efficiency, not the method of getting there.”

Confidential Posting – Aeronautical Engineer

Aeronautical Engineering Job Description

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This company knows classified advertising! They don’t mince words, and we’re big fans of their strong, declarative statements.

If I’m an Aeronautical Engineer and looking for something new and I read this in a job description —

“This is the opportunity of a lifetime. We are a new space launch startup posed to revolutionize the industry.”

I’m stumbling over myself to click and at least learn more!

Have you looked at your job descriptions lately?

Did this list inspire you in any way to change your job descriptions? Did we miss one that you feel we should have included? Let us know in the comments below or tweet us @HireEngineers.

Photo credit: David Oliver/ Flickr