Managing Engineers

exceptional engineering managers

5 Traits of Exceptional Engineering Managers

Case studies on exceptional leaders are abundant – but specific, and narrow in scope. Rather than distill what makes a great manager through the lens of a specific individual, we asked engineers of all stripes to share what the best managers do...


21 Quotes on Hiring and Managing Talent

More than just the heart of a story or an interview; a good quote can get to the essence of things. They convey maximum meaning with a minimum of words. Here are 21 exceptional quotes on hiring and...

mergers acquisitions and talent management

What does a Merger or Acquisition Mean for HR?

Mergers and acquisitions can instill fear and dread into the very best managers. I have been involved in the world of organizational change management for almost 20 years, the majority of which have been in...

managing tech talent

Tech Talent: What HR Needs to Know.

When you work in the technology sector, you soon realize that there is a constantly evolving marketplace for those skills you spent the last few years developing. But this also means those skills will quickly...

succession planning

Succession Planning for Engineering Talent

Succession planning is hard. But before we talk about the challenges, let’s define what we mean by succession and succession planning – the plans put in place for a person or persons who have been identified to take...

need to take vacation

Vacation is Mandatory: Mental Health, Productivity, and Why Your Employees Need to Unplug

Only one-third of summer, that 98-day window bookended by Memorial Day and Labor Day in the US, remains. Have your employees taken a vacation yet? Have you encouraged them to?

Employee Engagement Tip

Tip: Boost Employee Engagement with Blind Biographies

Looking for a fresh idea to boost engagement and encourage conversation between your employees? This tip comes to us from Tom Jonjak, Director of Staffing at engineering consulting firm bb7. Company Growth Can Lead to Increasing...

How to hire top engineering talent

How to Hire & Retain Top Engineering Talent: 5 Perspectives

We are big believers in the wisdom of crowds, so we talked to 5 human resource professionals actively involved in hiring for their perspective on how to hire and retain top engineering talent. Interviewed are: Jeremy Bennett, Vice...